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Clark's American

Fisherman's Balm

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 Rehydrates and condi- tions dry, cracked hands. 

Our Fisherman's balm is a nourishing, antiseptic, antibacterial blend of 100% all natural butters and oils. Good for treating nicks, cuts, scrapes, and fighting fishy odors. a day on the water being bombarded by sun, water and wind. Our essential oil  and butter blend was chosen specifically for their rehydrating, conditioning, and detoxifying properties. This balm has a rich, fish funk-cutting scent of lemongrass and peppermint. Natural SPF. (Not a replacement for sunblock.)

Use: Apply desired amount onto your hands or desired skin area, rub or massage in until well blended/absorbed. 

*Do not apply near eyes or to open wounds. For Topical use only.