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The Original (2 Pack)

The Original (2 Pack)

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 Two full-sized bottles of The Original Raw Grip™️ Liquid Chalk

Athletes, we know you're all about pushing your limits and achieving new personal bests. That's why Raw Grip™️ Liquid Chalk is here to help you take your lifting game to the next level. Used by some of the most dedicated and powerful athletes, this chalk can help you crush your goals, too.

Veteran-owned and operated, Raw Grip™️ is made right here in the USA. With no unnecessary additives like rosins, resins, essential oils, or fillers, you'll get pure, unadulterated grip support to enhance your lifts.

Raw Grip™️ Liquid Chalk is the ultimate hassle-free solution for all your grip needs. Just shake it up, apply a nickel-sized amount to your palm and grip areas, let it dry for 15-20 seconds, and you're ready to conquer the weights. Say goodbye to messy chalk powder and hello to a new era of lifting confidence with Raw Grip™️ Liquid Chalk.

  • AVOID THE “CLAP CLOUD” - Stop covering yourself and your gym in low grade excess chalk powder. Win friends and influence people with your new much-less-messy liquid chalk.
  • KILLS WHAT TRIES TO KILL YOU (GERMS) - Just because you wash your hands, doesn’t  mean the last gorilla to touch that bar did. Antibacterial goodness keeps your grip germ-resistant at the gym.
  • BETTER GRIP, BETTER LIFT - Deadlifts, Rows, Pull-Ups, Rope work, Kettlebells, Rock-Climbing, Bouldering, Gymnastics, Pole Dancing, Tomahawk throwing, Armwrestling, and any other activity that requires a firm, confident grip. 
  • APPLY. LET DRY. PR. - When the germ-killing liquids evaporate, all that’s left on your hands is the best chalk you’ve ever used. From your first rep to your new PR, Raw Grip liquid chalk can last through multiple sets of intense grip work.
  • USED BY THE PROS - Find us on Instagram to see the world class athletes from 30+ states and 5 countries who use Raw Grip to improve what they do best. 
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