About Clark's American

Clark's American Product & Manufacturing, co. is a family-run, veteran-owned producer of superior, handmade balms, tallows, and personal care products. Our owners and employees have backgrounds in the military, strength & combat sports, construction, and the veterinary field, and way more experience than we’d like dealing with chronic pain & illnesses! Starting with the highest quality Hand Repair Balm you’ll ever find, our product line has expanded to include all-natural solutions for:

  • Athlete-Grade Hand Conditioner
  • Fighter’s Balm
  • Tattoo & Skin Conditioning Balm
  • Paw & Skin Balm for Pets
  • Beard Oil  & Balm
  • Bathroom Spray
  • Foot & Shoe Deodorizer 
  • Leather Conditioning Oil & Balm
  • Butcher Block Oil & Conditioner
  • Fibromyalgia Balm
  • Pain-relief Oil
  • A complete line of tallow products

We understand full well the importance of personal care and tool maintenance, and we’re devoted to helping you take great care of some of Your most loved tools.